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Smith Lake Real Estate – Call The Smith Lake Man! is currently undergoing a rebuild to replace outdated technologies which have become unreliable.  The bugs have plagued me for the past few months. Although you may encounter some broken links, I am keeping this old site up for now because many people find the information useful as they search for their lake home. I guess when you’re the first one to make Smith Lake MLS listings available online, you’re going to encounter some big-time upgrades eventually! I plan to have the new up and fully functional by early spring.

In the meantime, if you would like the Lakeman to sign you up for email alerts to start getting daily new or updated listings in your e-mailbox, fill this out and I’ll get it going.

Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to working with you! Brian

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My business is about getting results by providing excellent customer service every day. Customer Service is not just a phrase to me, it’s a series of things I do for you to make sure we find a home that you love and one that meets your needs.

To me, Customer Service means:

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  • Understand what type of Smith Lake home you want and need
  • Communicate with regular targeted emails of properties that may meet your needs
  • Preview interesting properties to save you time when you visit
  • Visit properties until we find the one you want
  • Educate you about pricing, market trends, and buying at Smith Lake
  • Answer your questions quickly, thoroughly and honestly
  • Guide you through the inspections, permits, and closing
  • Be there for you AFTER the sale

To get started, I’ll need you to tell me what you’re looking for.