Waterford Condominiums
Silverock Cove Pool (Common Area) Silver Rock
Lakewoods Town Homes
Lakeshore Condominiums Lobby
Lakeshore Condominiums
Lakeshore Condominiums Grounds
Bailey Bridge Town Homes Boathouse
Bailey Bridge Town Homes
Waterford Condominiums Common Area
Example of a Row House
Duncan Bridge Condominiums
Duncan Bridge Condominiums
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Lakewoods Town Homes
Silverock Cove Row Homes Silver Rock
Example of a Condominium
Example of a Town House

What’s The Difference Between a Town House, Row Home and a Condo?

If you own real estate or are considering buying real estate, then you’ve probably run across terms such as single-family home, town house, row house, and condominium. What do these terms mean and is it better to own one type of property over another?