Boathouse Permitting Rules and Regulations for Smith Lake

Alabama Power Permits Boathouses at Lewis Smith LakeSimply put, your boathouse has to meet certain requirements. Alabama Power Shoreline Management sets and enforces the rules for your Smith Lake dock. Here are the rules and regulations for permitting your boathouse at Lewis Smith Lake.  All of the information is on their page including online permitting requests.

To apply for a permit for a boathouse, dock, or any alteration to the flood easement (below the 522 msl), contact APCO Shoreline Management alone.

If you want to visit them in person, Alabama Power Shoreline Management has an office in Curry which is between the cities of Arley and Jasper on Curry Hwy (Hwy 257) in the southeastern part of the lake. I have provided a map link below. They are located in a small strip mall with Curry Discount Pharmacy and Emmy’s Nails.

Alabama Power Shoreline Management
Smith Lake Office
5558 Curry Hwy #3, Jasper, AL 35503
[email protected]
(205) 384-7347
(205) 384-7385

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10 thoughts on “Boathouse Permitting Rules and Regulations for Smith Lake

  1. I own a home with a “non transferrable” legacy dock permit. If I sell my home can the buyer transfer the permit?

  2. Question if I bought a floating dock kit which is a 4’x16′ cedar planks with aluminum frame BUT it requires plastic 55 gal drums. Can and will this qualify to float on Smith Lake on private property ?

  3. Hi Charlie, Alabama Power has the final say on all improvements within the lake itself and within it’s 522 flood easement. They will tell you exactly what you can have depending upon the characteristics of your lot. Call them and they’ll come out for free and give you an assessment and explain their reasoning according to the rules. Then you can order your boathouse or make that home offer with confidence. If I can ever help you find a lake home, please let me know! Alabama Power’s number is: (205) 384-7385

    Best of luck to you – Brian Czup

  4. I am trying to buy a home at 45 County Rd 312, Cullman and currently has a swim platform only. Would it be feasible to add a boat house one slip? Also it supposedly only has seasonal water. Where can I get pics of what it looks like in winter and could year round water be achieved by extending the ramp? Thank you so much!

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