Boathouse Styles at Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama

There are a wide variety of boathouses, boat docks, boat slips, and swim piers on Smith Lake. For the most part, at Smith Lake anyway, boathouse, boat dock, and boat slips are terms that are used interchangeably. Although technically there may be differences, here they represent a covered (or not) floating metal framed structure attached to a floating bridge of various sizes. Below is my collection of pictures of boathouses and swim piers I have either taken myself or found on the web. I’m adding more to my collection often.

How much does a boathouse cost?

That’s a very common question. From what I’ve seen, you can expect to pay a minimum of $10,000 for something small and simple to $60,000+ for the elaborate “Party Central” boathouses. Every once in a while, if you watch the local papers, you can get a used one and save some money. Very seldom do people upgrade, but it does happen. Sometimes, boathouse builders will have great deals on traded-in boathouses or “custom ordered but not exactly what the customer ordered” ones.

Before you buy any boathouse, make sure you know what you are allowed to put on your lot. The link below is a good place to start. Just make sure you have the most updated information before you buy something.

Are you looking for boathouse permitting information?

Below is a video that was not really intended to be a boathouse video but, it is a nice slide show with many boathouses in it.



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